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Carpet Cleaning London
Carpet Cleaning London

Professional Carpet Cleaning London Services At Most Affordable Prices Now

If you are in ardent need of skilled carpet cleaners in London then you are at the right place. We provide professional carpet cleaning services across entire London at reasonable price rates. Our certified carpet cleaners have knowledge and experience for cleaning all types of carpets. Take advantage of the assistance that we offer to maintain hygiene at your home.

Certified & The Best Carpet Cleaners London Service

Cost-efficient carpet cleaning London may never have been this easy before! We have the expertise to clean rugs and carpets to ensure healthy homes. By using our specialist services, you can make your house free of dust mites, odours, allergens as well as improve the quality of air.

Here’s a list of some salient features of our carpet cleaning services in London.

  1. Remove stains and dirt from carpets
  2. Certified and insured carpet cleaners
  3. Child & pet-safe cleaning methodology
  4. Deployment of high quality equipment
  5. Usage of air dryer to lessen drying time

Professional Rug And Carpet Cleaning Agency London

Little need to worry even if you are not aware of the exact types of carpets and rugs that you have in your home. Our technicians examine carpet/rug materials for determining the best cleaning method for giving you total satisfaction and enable you to breathe quality air.

Synthetic and mixed fibre carpets – Usually, we use hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets which is also called steam cleaning. This advanced and deep carpet cleaning London technique is effective as well as is popular worldwide. Even stains on carpets or rugs can be removed by using this method.

Delicate and natural fibre carpets – We are known for providing the best dry carpet cleaning London services. Cleaning expensive and lavish oriental rugs, which are kept in front of fire places, needs expertise of a different kind. Our cleaner technicians examine such rugs for determining whether dry cleaning will be suitable or not.

Steam Carpet Cleaning London Process

Pre-treatment of item – Technician will first use vacuum cleaner for extracting dust from carpet. Thereafter, he will examine if there are any stains and if there are some, then depending on the types, appropriate detergent will be used to remove them all completely.

Main cleaning process – Technician will then make use of professional machine equipment for deep cleaning of the carpet. The machine ejects pressurised water-detergent mixture for thoroughly cleaning the carpet by dislodging grime & dust. Excess moisture will get removed from the carpet by powerful suction attachment in machine.

Short carpet drying time – Technician will then use air dryer, which is absolutely free of charge, for drying the cleaned moist carpet within a very short span of time.


Prices for Carpet Cleaning Services

We clean carpets for Area size Old Price You pay only
Single Bedroom 8ft x 10ft £40.00 £25.00
Double bedroom 12 ft x 12 ft £60.00 £30.00
Living room 12 ft X 18 ft £55.00 £34.00
Trough Lounge 24 ft x 12 ft £70.00 £55.00
Hallway Landing £30.00 £15.00
Stairs Per step £5.00 £3.00
Small Rug Up to 5 sq. ft. £28.00 £14.00
Large Rug Above 5 sq. ft. £34.00 £17.00
One-bedroom flat Living room, bedroom hallway £120.00 £76.00
Two-bedroom flat Living room, two bedrooms and a hallway £150.00 £101.00
Three bed flat Living room Hallway two double bedrooms, one single bedroom £140.00 £118.00
One-bedroom house Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, double bedroom £150.00 £101.00
Two-bed house Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, two bedrooms £150.00 £118.00
Three-bedroom house Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, three bedrooms £220.00 £148.00
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Your Cost-Effective Carpet Cleaning London Services

London, the capital and populous city of England & the United Kingdom, is located on the banks of River Thames. It is referred to as the world’s cultural capital and comprises of several parts which include London city, West Minster, Islington, Camden, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Lambeth, Chelsea, Southwark and Kensington. London is also known for having some of the most beautiful residential and commercial buildings.

Our carpet cleaning services London were launched sometime back and today we have a big list of clients who have benefitted with our assistance. We provide qualified and experienced carpet cleaners for residential and commercial offices across entire Central London. Take advantage of our cost-efficient and totally result oriented carpet cleaning services to ensure hygienic living environment in your home or business office. Act today to live a healthy life!.